Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is where I was last night!


This was SO much fun! This is the same cast we saw too, all of them! I was wiggling in my seat, tapping to the beat, and wanting to just get up and dance. The gal sitting next to me got seperated from her party and had a lonely little seat next to Mr. D and I, but she was very cute. She told us that she'd seen in in L.A. with a different group of people and this one was WAY better. Tracy Turnblad was played by Brooklynn Pulver(from SLC), and our favorite, Alyssa Malgeri, as Penny Pingleton. Both were knock outs and could belt it, but I think Penny stole the show. She had amazing timing and it's hard to believe such a controlled and awesome voice comes from such a tiny little person! I have never laughed out loud that hard from any kind of entertainment, which was non-stop. "Before my life was a Twinkie. But now I've tasted chocolate and there's no going back!" Bwahahahaha! She is absolutely adorable in a very innocent and playful way.

The best thing is, this ENTIRE cast smiled from ear to ear during the performances. I believe they truly love what they're doing. I can only imagine how many times they've performed, but they don't appear to be sick of it yet. You can't have a bad day and then do this show, it can't work. They must have all found their "happy thought" before they came out, and it was felt.

Towards the end, there is a great scene with Tracy's parents, Jerry O'Boyle(Edna Turnblad) and Dam Ferretti(Wilbur Turnblad), and Jerry could barely deliver his line it was so hilarious. But they pulled it off, and we were all in tears with him. I'd love to see him out of drag, but omgosh, he plays an ugly but incredibly lovable Edna. I loved the characters and all of the cast. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job. This cast is perfect, wouldn't change a thing!

"Let's dance San Luis Obispo!" And Brooklynn even pronounced it right! Woohoo!

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Kari said...

Sounds like it was lots of fun! I'd love to see it sometime too!!