Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Cookie Dough Play

I was laughing so hard I couldn't even eat it! Mermaid thank goodness has decided to take over cookie baking and she does a good job. Even though it's 90 out, has been the last few days, chocolate chip cookies sounded good. So, I tried a snitch of the dough and it was good, had to have a second bite, mmmmmm, even better. So, Mermaid puts a kabosh and no one else can snitch dough. Does she know who owns this house? Seriously, teenagers! Mr. D comes, in, he has a plan.....

He goes in the kitchen and Mermaid all riled up and steals the cookie sheet she just covered with little balls of dough and runs into her room with it. I run in the kitchen and STEAL the bowl! Hahahahaha! I've got it! Run into our bedroom and close the door behind me, and Mr. D "lets" her have the tray back. The kids all run in my room, minus our sarcastic chef. We have the bowl, but we can't even eat it because we're laughing so hard.

Then comes the yelling. Somebody wants her cookie dough back. Bwahahaha.


Denise said...

Dough thieves!

I'm the one who won't let the kids snitch dough, because of the raw eggs. But when they're not looking...YUM!

ang said...

what evil parents you are!! Thanks for the idea! heh heh