Thursday, April 19, 2007

Busy busy busy! Didn't realize it has been so long since I updated!

The house is on the market and we're having an open house on Saturday. If anyone wants to join me in a fast, I will be starting mine Saturday. There are 2 very interested buyers right now, but of course, they're not moving fast enough in their decision making for me.


Mermaid attended the "Mormal" last week and took a non-member friend with her. They were adorable and beautful, and make any mama proud.

Ick has started golf again last week. There is no First Tee program in our new town, but thank goodness there are a lot of great golf programs there for the youth. And beautiful courses! He was excited to see some friends he's made over the years there, he's going to miss them. They've been great mentors for him. He told me this year there are quite a few autistic children playing with them, and he's really learning a lot about it. Some of the boys are more severe, and others not so. I think he enjoys being able to assist and mentor someone himself.

Bones is having a ball learning how to play piano. I can't keep him off the keyboard, we will have to break down and get a real set of ivory keys when we move. He's wants to try out for the school talent show since he's learning how to play the first part of the theme to "Harry Potter" by ear. I don't know why we didn't get him a keyboard before! He has an incredible ear and memory.

K-Bug is trying so hard in school, getting the best grades possible, improving her running time, and visiting with friends she knows she probably won't see after we move. She met friends already on our short visit there last time so she's not worried about making new friends at all.

We're just trying to get the place in tip-top shape, pack excess crap we won't need for a few months, and purging anything we don't want to take with us. I have my daily list of things to do to keep in this way, and a list of tiny little projects a half a mile long I need to complete. So, I'm off to do that now. I'll try to come up with something exciting soon!

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Victoria said...

Kids grow up so fast, scary huh?

I hope your house sells real soon!