Monday, March 12, 2007

What a relief!

1. We're getting a refund for our crappy couch that I have been fighting for for about 2 months now. This thing has not worn well, it's tearing, it's uncomfortable, and it's lumpy. The repair guy promised when he finally got back to us that he could make it better than new. So, 4 weeks later FedEx makes a deposit on my doorstep of 6 extra large cartons with new parts, cushions, and recliners, and they're all the wrong color! Ugh. So, confidence out the window, I finally get my refund. Now, I have yet to hear from the store owner, but the furniture factory has assured me they are going to refund them the amount they paid so long as they come and pick it up and donate it to someone/place in their name. The owner/manager are not happy with me, so I won't be surprised if they only refund me partially, we will see. What's funny are the conditions set by the furniture factory, "Please do not buy another D**** set, we need to just move on from each other and sever this relationship". Bwahahahaha!

2. We have a realtor for New Town, I'll meet her next week and maybe go look at a few places.

3. We have a realtor for here! They were excited we called them back, they were our realtors when we bought this one, and I look forward to working with them again.

4. We've got a game plan! Need to Mojo up and get to work, but we've got a list and we're sticking to it and it's really not that long, just time consuming stuff. Since I won't have a couch for a while, I won't have a place to park my butt anyways. LOL

5. If we can't sell the house soon, we at least have some friends who want to rent it from us.

6. Everything is blooming so the house looks awesome.

7. I'm being released this weekend from my calling.

8. The kids are bringing home amazing grades, better than we expected of them.

9. Edited to add: My mom can take the Amtrak from SLO to New Town roundtrip for $52! No excuses mom, you spend that at least on stuff you don't need but have to buy each week.

I'm just feeling such relief!


Victoria said...

Sounds like things are just working out great for you guys, I am so happy for you! YAY!!

Kris... said...

I'm so happy for you... and utterly jealous! *wink*

Kari said...

Lots and lots of things to be grateful for!! YAY!! I'm SO happy for you!