Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Our soon to be new view: EDITED

Okay, some more deets on New Town. This is a view from one of the many homes I've bookmarked to look at in Somewhere, CA. It's very historic, I need to learn more about this before we move. I still have not been there, but dh has a few times, and we are taking the kids next week to check it out and be introduced at the board meeting. My homework this week is to shop for goodies for some goodie baskets for the board and interview committee. Since they voted 12-0 FOR Mr. D, I think I like them! Oh, and dh's new secretary, he's still not sure about her name though. LOL Marisel? I look forward to meeting her and sad to lose his current secretary, she treats him like a mom, whacks him over the head when he's silly, tells him to shape up, and then brings him back goodies from her vacations.

A few facts I've learned about Sonora, it's an old mining town, it's also used in many movies as a backdrop because it is just breathtaking, it is a unified community, New Town doesn't have many fast food restaurants, instead lots of mom & pop's and little quaint touristy restaurants. It's at the mouth of Yosemite and most of those coming from the North have to drive right through it. There are mines still there, in fact there are openings in the floorboards where you can go in to some mines at the school. We are leaving the coastal beaches for lake beaches, lots of lakes to waterski on. There is a little town called Angel's Camp right next to it that is a designated Politeness Zone. There was a t.v. show filmed there where they made some dreams come through for residents, including putting in a football field for a dying coach, Faith Hill hosted that show. Below is the district office, it's beautiful!

There are around 1,500 students at the high school. We've pretty much decided that Mermaid will be attending the same high school as Mr. D. All the kids eventually will attend it also. There are no middle schools, the public schools instead are K-8. The kids like that, they started school at one that was like that. It's cozy and quaint, and you get to know everyone. Although it is much larger than their old K-8, twice as many students. The high school is 100 years old, and I belive the K-8 is even older.

School starts earlier in the year and ends earlier than our current district. We won't be moving until June or July, although Mr. D's contract starts July 1(but the offices are usually closed) and he will put in a few days here and there to get his bearings and set the master schedule, hire some new teachers, etc.... My bil is getting married June 23rd down in Pasadena, and then Mermaid is in Utah July 2-8 for EFY, Girls camp for SLO Stake is in August, and we're still debating her attending it on top of whatever our new ward will have, so it's going to be very busy when school gets out. And in the mean time we hope we get this home sold. I'm only taking a break right now from sifting through my craft closet, deciding what goes and what I can't bear to not take with me. It's good, it's cleansing, and meditating.

I really can't wait for our new adventure. The kids have been spilling the beans all over the place. My mom took it well over the phone, sad, but supportive. We're sad we'll be losing our dentist! Oh this makes us cry. His wife is the primary president and I just can't imagine not being a few minutes away. When we come back to visit family though, we have to attend this ward, we just have to. We will miss them so much.

I'm so grateful for this opportunity. I look forward to meeting our new community and the kids making new friends, settling into a new home, and just having our own town.


Victoria said...

So excited for you! Looks beautiful!

Kari said...

Oh, I like it!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!

Denise said...

Lovely! That's a postcard view!

Heidi said...

I'm *SO* excited for you!!

Kylie said...

OH MY GOSH Jenne, is that a pic of the school. That looks awesome. How exciting for you all. I am envious of a new move.