Thursday, February 22, 2007

Embarassing Moments...

In honor of one of my husband's high school students, I shall not repeat what happened to her, but in case she ever looks up embarassing moments she will hopefully comforted that we have all been plastered with the big "L" on our foreheads at some point.

* When I was 12, I wandered into the boys bathroom and used it, at a mini-golf place. When I came out a guy was walking in and I was ready to scream for help when I realized my blunder. I ran into the arcade crying where my dad laughed his butt off, and my mom was giggling under her breath. How could I not notice that was a boys bathroom, there were more sinks than toilets and it didn't make sense to me, but I thought it was just an oddly designed bathroom. My only saving grace was I was out of town and my mom told me I would never see these people again. She was right.

* In high school I ran for Publicity Commissioner, they're the student body slackers that get out of class to make posters for upcoming events around the school. I didn't have a skit ready, and had I realized I had to go up in front of the school at an assembly, I probably never would have tried my hand at it. Well, my dad thought it would be a great and unique idea to just stand there for the 2 minutes we HAD to be up on stage and look at my watch, count down the clock, pull out various stop watches and timers and then proclaim that I didn't need to prepare a skit, I was going to do the best job possible. That morning he informed me he wasn't even going to be able to show up to watch. As I stood there doing it just like I rehearsed, some very sweet juniors thought I was having an emotional breakdown and stormed the stage to check on me. They meant well, but it ruined the Stupid and Cocky "skit". For days I did have peers come up and try to tell me how sorry they were that I "froze up". Ugh. In front of the whole school! And it was SO not like me, that's not my personality. It would have worked for my dad, but not for me, I was not stuck up like I was trying to appear to be.

* There was the time a few months ago that when I got back out to the car after grocery shopping I looked in the mirror only to realize I had a fuzz(it was actual fuzz) in my nose that looked like a boogie. I must have horrified everyone I smiled at in the store!

* Oh, there was the time my husband gave me a bloody nose, it was actually more funny than embarassing, but it's a story to tell. We weren't married yet, and he drove me up to the top of a golf course overlooking Morro Bay. He reached across me to lock the door and just then a park ranger/sheriff drove up too to tell us the park was closed. He accidently elbowed me and gave me a bloody nose. So, I leaned the seat back so I could get my head back when the sheriff knocked on the window. Mr. D was leaning over me to get some Kleenex from my purse and it just looked like we were in a compromising position. It was too funny. The sheriff asked me if he abused me. LOL

* There was the time when my inlaws were visiting us and I was pregnant with my first baby. Well, when you get to be 7 months pregnant, not all your faculties work WHEN you want them too. I sneezed and well, something noisy came out and my young brother in laws were having quite a time. I was mortified!

* My mother's April Fool's Joke was NOT funny and neither was my reaction. I had my brand new little car for probably 3 weeks. She snuck over to my house and stuck a gag whisteling device in my tailpipe. So, every time I pushed on the gas it made a loud whistle. I got to work and thought my car was going to explode. I made my boss come out and check on it, and when he found the whistler, I was not happy with my mom. She got me! I was the one that always got her, and EVERY year, for years, and it was the same gag. I put white toothpaste on the toilet seat, vaseline, honey, & olive oil. She was not allowed to GET me.

* There was the time I had a reaction to some medication and made a pass at the ambulance driver.

* I'm sure there are a ton more, but since I am unaware of them, I'll just remind myself that ignorance is bliss.

So, anyone else care to share?


Kari said...

You got some funny ones!!

My most embarrassing moment was when I was 12 or 13 and going down the "Lazy River" Ride. But this Lazy River ride (on the inner tubes) was kind of rough and tumble.

At one point I slammed into a big whirlpool. At that point in time my one piece bathing suit came down over one of my breasts exposing it!!

I did not realize it until I got to the bottom of the ride. No wonder the lifeguard manning the ride looked at me funny as I was descending!!

ang said...

lol hey, those were priceless. and by the way, you're not alone. i've walked into a mens bathroom....and USED it, and didn't realize i was IN the mens room until a guy walked in and looked at me like i was crazy and said..."hey lady, this is the men's room". mortification.

Victoria said...

Love em! I am sure I have many, none pop into mind right now.

I must say GOO GOO! ;p

Kylie said...

bwahahahaahahahahaha Thanks for the giggle Jenne. I am sure I have some terribly embarrassing moments, but it was fun to read someone elses.