Sunday, February 11, 2007

"Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day"

Who knew? They actually have a day for this! Today, I am not crying over:
Not being able to go to church again because my Strep throat has come back AGAIN.
I still can't get a response from the guy who is supposed to MAKE AN APPT. to come look at my couch for it's warranty problems.(Never buy anything at Furniture Factory Closeouts or expect a call from California Coast Furniture Repair)
I have loads of laundry to do still.
My dh will be at meetings tonight through Thursday so we won't be seeing him at dinner for a while.
My child is outgrowing shoes DAILY.
I'm impatient and want to know if dh is getting a new job NOW.
Some family/inlaw issues have me perturbed.
My kitchen is way too small for us.
I got my new checks, but didn't realize they came in two boxes, so I've already written about 5 from Box 2, so now they're out of order. Urg.
My desk is very messy and I can't get motivated to clean it.
I'm sure other things are annoying me, but I'm not going to cry, not going to.


Kylie said...

Ya know what Jenne, once in awhile, you are allowed to cry over the spilt milk, it may seem silly later on, but for the moment, let it be an outlet. Love ya, keep your chin up friend.

Kari said...

My child is outgrowing his shoes daily also.

And (((HUGS))) hoping things smooth out soon!

Victoria said...

Hang in there my friend, it will only get better from here!